Where do I start?
Our first step is to gather some basic information about you and your project, and schedule a home visit with our estimator. During that visit, additional information and initial measurements are taken, so we can prepare our first drawings and a competitive construction estimate for you. Your estimate will include all the costs for construction plans, permits, demolition, equipment rentals, construction materials and labor. We’ll work with you on any changes or special requirements until you’ve got our best construction estimate, and also give you a separate ballpark estimate for what we think your materials will cost. If you accept the estimate, we’ll create a contract that locks in the price and gets the ball rolling.
How does the home remodeling project work?
Once you approve the construction estimate, we’ll get to work on the specific design and have you visit the Design Center to make your choices for cabinets, hardware, countertops, backsplash and/or shower tile, flooring, etc. We’ll create a detailed list of your materials with the costs, and you’ll approve each and every item before we order it. With orders placed, your project manager will create a timeline for your project, get all the plans approved, and order any permits before demolition begins and construction gets underway. This process allows you to have time certainty and cost certainty for your project.

Once all the construction, installation and finishing have been accomplished, you’ll walk through the project, sign off on it, and begin enjoying the beautiful results!

I know someone who had a remodeling nightmare. What could happen to create delays in my timeline or additions to my cost?

Delays in completing your project are problematic not only for your time and inconvenience, but for our business, too — so we try to avoid them as much as possible! There are three types of situations that can create delays:

1) You change your mind: The greatest contributor to timeline delay and cost increase is a homeowner who has a change of heart when it comes to what they want, so it’s super important that you are not only sure of what you want, but also familiar with the details of your plans. Remember: delays cost money, so even if your change saves on one side of your project, it usually creates an increase on the other.

2) Issues revealed during the “discovery” process: Home Remodeling is different from a “new build” in that we don’t always know what we’ll find when we start demolition or tear into a wall to make electrical or plumbing changes. Things commonly revealed in the process that can cost time and money are: code violations, contaminants like mold or asbestos, termite damage, wood rot, and cracks in the foundation. With many buildings in our area built in the last few decades, such discoveries are not common but are possible.

3) Materials delivery delays: One reason we make materials selections early in the process is that they can take a while to deliver – especially if they are custom, semi-custom, imported or rare. Not only that but, as we saw during the Covid crisis, there can be problems with shipping and freight delays that are simply unavoidable. Thankfully those, too, are infrequent.

The best way to avoid costly delays is to be as well-prepared as possible, and that’s our specialty at Home Nice! And rest assured – in the event any of these things happen, a change order to your contract will be written, so you know of any cost variation.

How do I pay for my remodeling project?
Most clients assess their financial situation to see what they can afford for each project, and a budget is set. At Home Nice, payments are planned for specific phases of the project: a deposit is paid at the time the contract is signed, then the Materials are paid for when ordered; installments are paid at two or more points in the construction process, and the final installment is paid upon project completion. Your estimate will indicate the payment schedule.

At this time, Home Nice does not offer in-house or third-party financing; we accept cashier’s check, personal check, and ACH or Zelle electronic payments. Some clients finance their project through a home equity or other loan; such loans are often preferable to credit card financing, which involves not only a higher APR but also incurs a payment processing fee of 3.5% or more.

What guarantees are offered?
Home Nice Remodeling offers a two (2) year guarantee on labor; repairs required due to installer error will be completed at no cost.

Faulty materials, appliances or other goods are covered by Manufacturer’s Warranty only; any labor required for such replacement will be charged to the homeowner. Installation provided by Manufacturer or other agent is not covered.

Repairs due to damage that occurs after project completion are not covered; any labor and/or materials provided by Home Nice Remodeling LLC for resulting repairs will be charged to the homeowner.